The usually hidden part of any extraction system is the fan and the duct work.  The selection of the correct fan and the design of the associated ducting is an essential part of the extraction system.

We supply and install several varieties of fans for different jobs.  Before we fit a fan we do a full air flow calibration, calculating the volume of your room and applying the air change requirements.  This gives us the total volume of air to be expelled every hour.  We are aware of each fans output, which allows us to correctly select the fan required to ensure a comfortable working environment.  We would always recommend the use of a high performance fan designed and built to exacting standards by leading manufacturers which will perform for long hours with minimum maintenance over many years.

Fan Types we use are....

1.  Centrifugal Fans:  These work well against high resistances quietly

2.  Axial Fans:  These work well at low resistances, can be noisy

3.  Mixed Flow Fans:  Are a good compromise at minimum resistances

Driven by low noise single or three phase motors they are available in various sizes to suit your specification.

It is recommended that each fan be fitted with an optional speed controller.

Our engineers will design the appropriate ducting system for each installation adhering to the relevant guidelines.

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